Inner Turmoil sculpture | Gregory Reade Sculpture

Inner Turmoil

Inner Turmoil - trying to make sense of the right decision when in a state of confusion. What action to take, or not; conflicting ideas and emotions pull in opposite directions. Action, chaos, or stay the course?

This energetic sculpture of three men, or three poses of the same man as he struggles to make a decision. The sculpture is thought provoking and can be reflective at the same time.

Sculpted in oil-based clay and cast into bronze using the classical lost wax process. The patina or color of the metal is multiple layers of classical patina to create a gray smoke like effect. The sculpture is mounted on a polished black granite base.

To purchase this sculpture phone Gregory at 858-254-6246 or email him HERE.

Inner Turmoil bronze sculpture front close-up
Inner Turmoil sculpture front
Inner Turmoil bronze sculpture left view
Inner Turmoil sculpture left
Inner Turmoil bronze sculpture right view
Inner Turmoil sculpture right